The difference between tracks is like the difference between tap water and bottled water. Both taste basically the same, but both are delicious and have different benefits. I feel the same way about great tracks. I have a hard time differentiating between how I feel about most songs, but in the end, I know they all bring something great to the table and I can’t really choose one over the other when it absolutely comes down to it. The same goes for tap water and bottled water. If I’m dying of thirst, I am not about to deny a cup of plain tap water in the hope that some special Fiji water will appear. Anyways, tap water’s simplicities are intricate in themselves. All of these notions apply to music as well. When I’m in the mood to jam, it does not matter if metal is playing or if A$AP Rocky is playing, I am going to enjoy myself. Both types of music make me happy, but I cannot honestly differentiate between my emotions when it comes to listening to that different of music. And that is why my tracks will be alphabetized instead of ordered like I did last year. With the special exception for three songs, which I feel represent this year more than any other songs, the entire list will be in “no particular order.”

I hope anyone out there reading this enjoys what I have to say and maybe decides to check out some of the music I highlight. Remember, these are MY opinions, and I am truly sorry if we do not have similar taste. I shall remember not to judge anyone during this time of lists, but on that note, I would love any feedback on my writing, my thoughts on the year musically and basically anything I write about. Let me know how you feel and tag me in your lists. My goal is to learn as much about music as I can, so if you feel I forgot something, mention it to me and I shall attempt to defend myself. So, everyone, have a happy new year, and may your list writing and music listening go smoothly!

Oh and of course, here is a playlist if you would like to check them!! Missing Variation V, Wimbledon 1980 and the Lil B track.!/playlist/Joe+and+number+x27+s+Top+Tracks+Of+2012/81197688

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