The Album of the Millennium

“Well gather round children, zip it listen!” From the opening monologue from Nick Minaj to the ending primal screaming of Gil Scott Heron, there really is no album that has ever been released that is quite like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Each song leaves you wanting more, each lyric, wittier than the last. The beginning to Dark Fantasy rings out beautifully, wooing angles from heaven and creating a sense of serenity inside your soul. When you hear the last echo’s of “Ohh” you know that an album of special magnificence is preparing to unfold. Every song on the album has the most meticulous producing available and Yeezy chooses the most creative and original samples that he can think of. All of the Lights itself features 11 vocalists, Alicia Keys, John Legend, The-Dream, Fergie, Kid Cudi, Elton John, Ryan Leslie, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams, Elly Jackson, Alvin Fields, Ken Lewis, and Rihanna. Yeezy spared no expense to make sure that his music was the best, and nothing less. He blatantly tells the world, he is the best rapper and then he goes and actually backs that up with some of the most memorable lines of the year, “Have you ever had sex with a Pharaoh? I put the ***** in the sarcophagus.” Yeezy is unafraid to speak his mind and do what he wants. But the best thing is, he even is starting to understand a little of how America views him. In Runaway, he sings, “Lets have a toast for the douche bags” realizing that maybe. He is a bit of a jerk. But he doesn’t care. Luckily for us, this lapse in his ego is quick and to the point and he still has songs like Monster, a vicious song about greed and power with one of the best rap verses ever, done by Nicki Minaji. “Ok first things first I’ll eat your brains, 
 then I’mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs” is just a small part to her violent and ferocious rap. West makes sure he has enough emotion in the album too, and with his over seven minute song, “Blame Game” he achieves that. A song about a girl cheating on poor Kanye West, John Legend sings with soul and emotion beyond anyone’s years. His soft voice cries out, “Let’s play the blame game, I love you more…” After 808’s and Heartbreaks, many people assumed West’s champion rapping was done for good. So he took time off. Reflected on his life. And released nothing more than the album of the year, and maybe the album of this millennium so far. He represents humanity more than anyone else, realizing how money, greed and lust have appeared and taken over our lives. He sings with his heart, and raps with his mind and he challenges his listeners to understand, what its like to be him. As the faint clapping ends on “Who Will Survive In America” West leaves nothing to left to be desired. Unless of course that means another album. In that case, it can’t come soon enough.

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