Wimbledon 1980- Indian Wells


One of the few instrumental tracks that really spoke to me from this year was “Wimbledon 1980.” The track has quite the melodious throb to it. Spoiler alert, the throb comes from the incessant sound of a tennis ball hitting the court on constant repeat. That and the unbroken flow of the grunts that accompany hitting a tennis ball. Together with an almost insignificant melody, they create an extremely heavy and dark sounding track, perfect for listening to on a dark stormy night.  The little melody that exists comes from a keyboard of some sorts and it blends perfectly with the pulse of the tennis ball that lays down the backbone of the song. Truly though, the tennis balls bouncing form the base (and bass) of the song that allows the electronic rhythms to flow over and around it, creating one of the most creative songs I have heard in a long time. Indian Wells is creating some great music and “Wimbledon 1980” was their best track in my opinion.

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