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12. The Men- New Moon

The Men have come a long way since their 2012 release that gained them their first real musical recognition and New Moon definitely takes a direction that was not expected. On the 2012 release, there were many songs that delved … Continue reading

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Open The Door- The Men

There will always be my Joe rock anthem of the year. Always. The Men just happened to be the band that delivered that track this year. “Open The Door” just brings that gentle smile to my face every time I … Continue reading

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Turn It Around- The Men

Oh my gosh. Please go listen to this song right now if you have never heard it. Please. Please. This song represents the happiest moment of all of 2012 for me. Me and Ruben had been separated at Pitchfork for … Continue reading

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The Men Pitchfork Music Festival 2012

The Men were one of the bands that I knew the littlest about going into Pitchfork. But I knew one song, “Turn It Around.” And I hoped against hope that I would get the privilege of hearing it. During the … Continue reading

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