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33. Niklas Paschburg – Oceanic

Quite simply, the most beautiful album of 2018. Piano is easy to make sound so moving but Pashburg goes above and beyond what I am used to.

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18. Girlpool- Powerplant

This band has seen some of the most growth of any musical act I’ve followed of the past couple of years. I remember seeing them open for Waxahatchee in 2015 and how nervous yet poised they were on stage. I … Continue reading

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50. The Bad Plus – It’s Hard

A jazz album I revisited a few times thanks to NPR First Listen that really was relaxing to do any sort of thinking or heavy work.

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30. Sidestepper – Supernatural Love

Described as “afro pop,” this gem I found via NPR First listen was another album I found myself playing again and again, in any setting because it is so agreeable and danceable and flat out awesome music.

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17. Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

There is nothing better than going to a show and being pleasantly surprised when the opening band turns out to have a bit of actual talent. Very rarely does this happen to me it seems but when I went to … Continue reading

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49. Moon Hooch – This Is Cave Music

Moon Hooch- This Is Cave Music The idea of three saxophone players meeting in the New York subway, forming a super group of dance music played by solely saxophones and then finding their way onto an NPR First Listen is … Continue reading

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28. Raz Simone – Cognitive Dissonance

Raz Simone- Cognitive Dissonance This had to be the most stoic, emotional and powerful rap album I heard this year. Raz Simone has a deep, fervent voice that makes anything and everything he says feel like it is the most … Continue reading

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