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10. Kamasi Washington- Harmony of Difference

I feel somewhat guilty that Kamasi Washington is the only jazz album on my list, but then again, he is the only jazz musician that really gets any main stream hype and I am a sucker for hype. Regardless, I … Continue reading

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50. The Bad Plus – It’s Hard

A jazz album I revisited a few times thanks to NPR First Listen that really was relaxing to do any sort of thinking or heavy work.

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36. Esperanza Spalding – Emily’s D+ Evolution

This album is a nice mixture of genres with jazz being a heavy contributor. Doing some research after listening to the album made me realize that Spalding is an incredibly respected bass player in the jazz realm, something Pitchfork does … Continue reading

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42. Thundercat- The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam

I think Thundercat may be the most underappreciated artist in the musical world. Having backed both Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar and gaining a lot of critical acclaim from both experiences, I think it is time that he finally starts … Continue reading

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8. Kamasi Washington – The Epic

I have seen quite an interesting debate occur around this album. On the one hand, people are thanking Kamasi Washington for “saving jazz” and crediting him single handily with making the masses care about the genre again. People are falling … Continue reading

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  BBNG- III Jazz is such an important part of musical history that I think a lot of people today, including myself do not truly appreciate enough or even know a decent bit about. Miles Davis and John Coltrane are … Continue reading

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44. Thundercat- Apocalypse

Being known for playing bass for Flying Lotus is cool enough as it is, but being able to also release not one but two futuristic sounding and critically acclaimed albums is most certainty something to be proud of and Thundercat … Continue reading

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