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44. Steve Gunn and the Black Twig Pickers – Seasonal Hire

Instrumental music took a long time to start to make any sense to me. I was brought up on the Beatles whose music revolved around lyrics so for a long time in my life I was enamored with the idea … Continue reading

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How I Quit Crack- Synchro Studio, May, 2013

What a weird, weird night. It was one of the most hectic and chaotic nights of the summer and it was all topped off with the most droney show I had ever been to. The problems started when I began … Continue reading

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20. Until the Quiet Comes- Flying Lotus

The sounds that Steven Ellison can make just blow my mind every time I hear them. The creativity and genius that he must possess in order to make such wondrous noises is out of this world. Until The Quiet Comes … Continue reading

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Wimbledon 1980- Indian Wells

One of the few instrumental tracks that really spoke to me from this year was “Wimbledon 1980.” The track has quite the melodious throb to it. Spoiler alert, the throb comes from the incessant sound of a tennis ball hitting … Continue reading

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Variation V- d’eon

I think the coolest idea to come out of this year was this album by d’eon. An album of 14 variations of Blink- 182’s song “What’s My Age Again,” all played on piano. Now, this being a classical album, it … Continue reading

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Number 4: Gloss Drop- Battles

If any album this year really was made to rock out, jam out or other wise go crazy to, it would have to be Gloss Drop. Now obviously my dubstep brothas out there would disagree vehemently with me, but I … Continue reading

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