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38. Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

I have always thought Earl gets a lot of unnecessary hype. Being the youngest member of Odd Future and the most mysterious really vaulted his career. On top of all that, he was arguably the best lyricist of the group … Continue reading

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47. Tyler, The Creator- Flower Boy

Tyler made QUITE the transition from screaming the f word and being quite homophobic to becoming for all intensive purposes a super positive, happy rapper. It’s nice to see him grow and nice to see the younger generation being influenced … Continue reading

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9. Earl Sweatshirt- Doris

Earl was always the biggest enigma of OFWGKTA. When “Yonkers” dropped and Tyler’s fame exploded, people realized Tyler really wasn’t in this all alone, he had a legitimate group behind him and the whole conglomerate started to get some fame … Continue reading

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Number 25: Under the Influence- Domo Genesis

The other big Odd Future release this year was sadly very under hyped in comparison to Goblin. Because Under the Influence was good. Very good. Domo always seemed to be the least talked about member of OFWGKTA and I could … Continue reading

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