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49. Fucked Up- The Year of the Snake

Maybe more of a nostalgia pick than anything, Fucked Up makes some of the most consistent hard core music out there and the concept of an album a year dedicated to the Zodiac symbols is honestly very cool and something … Continue reading

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47. A Tribe Called Red – We Are The Halluci Nation

This may have been the most interesting album of the year for me. Native American culture and music is something that really has never seen the light of day┬áin pop culture but this album really helped shed a lot of … Continue reading

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21. PUP – The Dream Is Over

A great post punk album, full of energy and angst that is easy to play really, really loud while driving to work at 6:30 am.  

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12. Drake – If Your Reading This Its Too Late

Frankly, this album should be a lot higher on my list if only because its anthem like qualities took over my life early spring semester. Drake had done it again. He had dropped a mixtape, for free, with no warning … Continue reading

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  BBNG- III Jazz is such an important part of musical history that I think a lot of people today, including myself do not truly appreciate enough or even know a decent bit about. Miles Davis and John Coltrane are … Continue reading

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Royal Canoe- Today We Are Believers

Artist: Royal Canoe Album: Today We Are Believers Label: Nevado Records Royal Canoe is a six-piece group from Winnipeg racing onto the indie scene with a headlong abandon heard quite readily throughout their album, Today We Are Believers. It is … Continue reading

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