45. Big Thief- Capacity


“Shark Smile” might be my favorite song of the year and reminds me of Amanda more than anything. She would play it in her car constantly throughout September and it took me like 5 times of asking, “who is this?” before I finally remembered and its been stuck with me ever since. I listened to it a lot when she was in Europe and it made me feel a little bit closer to her. She was furious when I told her the whole album hadn’t made my list so I gave it one more listen and I remembered how great the rest of the album was and it snuck on.

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44. At the Drive-In – in*ter a*li*a


I got really attached to “In/ Casino/ Out” this year so naturally when At the Drive In also released a new album this year; it quickly became one of my favorites as well.

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43. Lil B- Black Ken


My favorite human being of all time released one of his most critically acclaimed albums. While not my favorite Lil B project (Hoop Dreams will always be my favorite), the fact he finally got a little positive reception for his music instead of just his personality made me like this album almost as much.

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42. Brother Ali- All the Beauty in This Whole Life


I’ll always have a soft spot for Brother Ali ever since I saw him live at Sunshine as a 17 year old for my first unaccompanied concert in down town ABQ and me and Rubi had to scrounge a ride home from Christian’s parents. This album had some nice beats, nice messages and above all a great attitude.

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41. The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die- Always Foreign


Sometimes I like albums by bands so much, pretty much no matter what they release will always be something I will love, if not for simply acknowledging that their previous work needs more love. This was one of those albums for me.

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40. Japandroids- Near To The Wild Heart of Life


This is one of those albums I wanted to love unconditionally from the beginning but it took me a few listens to really start to feel it. While not as good as their last release in my opinion, Japandroids have always represented a type of rock that is “feel good” and easy to amp anyone up and this album carried on with those sentiments.

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39. Four Tet- New Energy


A great album to zone out to with some dance tracks as well as some mellow ones, Four Tet is consistent and his release this year was no different. He really is one of the more accessible DJ’s I can think of.

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