50. Ratatat – Magnifique


An album from a group that has always struck a nostalgic chord with me, Ratatat will forever remind me of my youth simply due to their work with Kid Cudi on his earlier albums and the fact some of their most popular music came out during my first few years of high school. Their unique guitar sound really has not been recaptured by any acts I have heard of so when a new Ratatat album came out I was very intrigued to see how they continued their career. They did so splendidly and Magnifique picked up right where “Drugs” left off with incredible distorted guitar riffs. Seeing them live helped me appreciate the album a lot too I think even though the concert itself was not as mind blowing as I wanted it to be due to a crowd that refused to dance, but observing what I have decided is some of the most unique “popular” music out there live, my appreciation not just for this album but the entirety of Ratatat’s career blossomed. It is really hard to get instrumental popular in todays age of pop sensations and rap icons so to see the Sunshine Theater sell out for Ratatat really was nice. If there ever was an instrumental band to gain wide spread popularity, I am glad it is this band.

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