49. Father John Misty – Thank You, Honeybear


The Fleet Foxes really seemed to just fade into history after the Needledrop gave them album of the year in 2011. I appreciated their music to be sure and enjoyed their songs when they were released but to be honest I never really returned too much to their albums simply because their resemblance to some of the bands my Dad enjoys to listen to from the 60’s and 70’s was to great and I didn’t see a reason not to just listen to Simon & Garfunkle or Crosby, Stills and Nash. Father John Misty had kept going though but for whatever reason I never really checked out his solo debut. I anticipated his follow up quite heavily though and was not necessarily disappointed with I Love You, Honeybear. I just realized I am not too taken a back with music that sounds perfectly taken out of the past. Now I will admit punk and emo revival still gets me going but I think that’s simply because I didn’t grow up with that kind of music. What the Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty remake is essentially the stuff I was bred on. I know this feels negative which is never my intention, but frankly I just didn’t love this album like a lot of others. It still was enjoyable to listen to and “Bored in the USA” was extremely poignant. Maybe I just didn’t give him the chance he deserved and overlooked more of his lyrics but in the end, Father John Misty did something no other artist did this year, he made me think about revisiting some classics without my dad playing them for me.

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