48. Jay Rock – 90059


The most under rated and illusive member of Black Hippy, Jay Rock has been teasing his first commercial release ever for a couple years now. To be frank it seemed to come out of now where for me simply because I was still so enamored with To Pimp A Butterfly that Black Hippy was no where on my radar. This album did a great job of altering my point of view, at least for a bit. Jay Rock has always had one of my favorite voices in rap, with his raspy drawl and serious tenor. He talks about somber topics and does it all with a dark, foreboding sound booming from the speakers. Each beat he chooses to work with seems to have a deeper meaning to it because there usually is an added layer of musicality that is missing from some rap songs today. From horn licks to background vocals, the production that went into the album was nothing short of what a member of Black Hippy should be capable of producing. In the end though, living up to Kendrick is somewhat of an impossible task, so I was pleased when Jay Rock seemed to care less about being the second coming of Lamar and more about show casing his own, unique voice and style. This album booms and bangs with the best of them and to be the only other member of Black Hippy to release something this year, Jay Rock certainly reminded the world about the fourth member.

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