47. Thou and the Body – You Whom I Have Always Hated


I seem to always place some metal album on my list I end up listening to three or four times and never return to once the year is over. This very well may be this years example, but right now, all I know is that in my some what limited metal listening this year, You Whom I Have Always Hated hit the hardest, blared the loudest and was just the overall loudest album of the year. I really cant pretend to know a lot about metal or what “good” metal is, but what I do know is that periodically I just need an album that blares into my headphones and this was the album I turned to all year whenever I needed that. Maybe next year I will create a rule for myself where I have to listen to at least ten metal albums before I allow one onto my list. Regardless, I hope that I will return to this album in years to come and from now on, my goal with these lists is to actually pick albums I will listen to in the future, rather than just albums I liked for just a short period of time in my life.

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