46. Passion Pit – Kindred


Another album I think I really allowed nostalgia to cloud my view of, Kindred was an enjoyable listen and was something I returned to periodically through out the year. Passion Pit’s Gossamer though, their release from 2012, is what I was thinking about every time I returned to Kindred. I have written about all the feels Gossamer gave me in previous end of the year lists, and I don’t think I can articulate my feelings again that reside in me surrounding that album. All I do know is that it singlehandedly allowed me to return again and again to Kindred and after my third or fourth album I started to hear enough differences sonically and lyrically to start to differentiate my feelings between albums. I respect everything Michael Angelakos has achieved and will always have a soft spot for anything he does but after my third or fourth listen; I realized his latest release is in no need of a pity listen. The band may never be able to recapture the energy from their previous release for me, but the song writing ability remains and Kindred is something I will go to in the future, just at different times than I would turn to Gossamer.

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