44. Steve Gunn and the Black Twig Pickers – Seasonal Hire


Instrumental music took a long time to start to make any sense to me. I was brought up on the Beatles whose music revolved around lyrics so for a long time in my life I was enamored with the idea that I needed to have lyrics in the music I listened to for it to be enjoyable. Slowly I have gotten out of this single-minded rut and Steve Gunn has been one of the main musicians I listened to that helped me figure that out. His release last year was one of my most listened to albums and its ability to hypnotize me astounded me. Well he picked up right where he left off with Way Out Weather and his droning, hypnotizing, melodic guitar was right back at it together with the Black Twig Pickers. Frankly there are not too many differences between the style of the two albums except for different instrumentation but it still grabbed me and wouldn’t let go the first time I listened to Seasonal Hire. If I hadn’t heard Steve Gunn last year this might have been higher this year, but because of how things played out I ended up having to give this album the nod a bit lower under current circumstances.


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