43. Open Mike Eagle – A Special Episode EP


This EP had what ended up being my favorite opening to any album all year. There was something just so infectious about the beat on “Dark Comedy Late Show” that every time I went to re listen to the EP I would just become obsessed with the power and energy of the opening beat. It just made me want to get up and punch things and mosh and normally a rap song does not have that kind of power over me. The rest of the EP never really lived up to that opening track but it still was quality music. Open Mike Eagle always has been a phenomenal lyricist and he didn’t fail with this project either, tackling many subjects, especially race in America. Combining that with the amazing first track made me really reevaluate Open Mike Eagle and made me realize how important to the rap scene he and rappers like him are. Having rappers being successful “underground” helps the genre grow and more often than not there is more skill with those rappers than any of the ones on the radio and Open Mike Eagle helped me realize I need to seek out more “underground” rappers next year if they can make songs like “Dark Comedy Late Show.”


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