9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi Love


This album really snuck out of nowhere and caught me unawares. I think it is safe to say most music fans have heard “Fffunny Friends” but not much else from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Well actually I have no idea how true that is, all I know is that I hadn’t heard much besides that song so when I listened to Multi Love I was ultimately surprised how catchy, interesting and funky it was. Once I saw them live though was when I really fell in love and for a week or two me and Adam and Ruben constantly played the album to the point of an almost obsession with it. Similar to my love of Royal Headache, I think a lot of my love stemmed from the simple way it made me feel. One of the big differences was that I was able to share a love for this album with my two greatest friends and that made the whole experience of the album and seeing them live that much better. Now that we live so far apart and see each other hardly at all, finding a unifying factor like an album we all love means that much more with the distance between us. Its easy to associate music with times in life and even easier to associate it with certain people and Multi Love fits both of those categories perfectly.


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