7. D’Angelo – The Black Messiah


At first I was a little annoyed that this was released right at the tail end of 2014. I was worried it wouldn’t get the kind of recognition it deserved because it was released in the no mans land of December, when people are recapping the previous year and looking forward to the next, unaware and not worried about any current happenings during December. So I resisted listening to it until January just to make sure I gave the album its full due because I knew I was quite unfamiliar with D’Angelo and I didn’t want to mess up again and over look his latest great master piece. Looking back, I am so happy I waited for this to be the first thing I listened to in 2015. As unaware of D’Angelo’s previous work, I instantly understood the kind of weight his music carried from the very first second of The Black Messiah. It was just pure beauty in music, funky yet serene. If nothing else had come of this album, at least it made me revisit some of music’s more important history and listen to his first two albums. Both responsible for much advancement of a lot of genres of music, his previous work really needed to be reevaluated by the musical community and this album achieved that. Regardless, this album still represents the quiet of winter to me and after listening to it six or seven times it settled itself quite nicely in my subconscious.


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