42. Thundercat- The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam


I think Thundercat may be the most underappreciated artist in the musical world. Having backed both Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar and gaining a lot of critical acclaim from both experiences, I think it is time that he finally starts to be recognized for what he is: possibly the worlds most talented bass player alive today. His melodic approach to the instrument is amazing and his gentle vocals mix perfectly with his atmospheric sounding music. The Beyond/ Where the Giants Roam was no different and was a beautiful piece of music. A little on the short side, it still was something easy and enjoyable to listen to and when I saw him live my amazement at his ability to play the bass skyrocketed. He was simply memorizing and after witnessing him in the flesh, I don’t think there will ever be a record released by Thundercat that I would not fall absolutely in love with. So this is my announcement to the world my Thundercat bias is in full effect and in the near future at least I do not see me every picking against him and his spectacular bass playing.


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