On my first listen of this album I felt somewhat underwhelmed. After “Attack” was released last year with Danny Brown rapping maybe one of the best verses of my short rap listening career, I though Rustie would come back with something with at least half the bang as that. He frankly did not, but what he did was create a smoother, more intricate buildup of songs that took me a few listens to really appreciate. There is a local DJ syndicate in Albuquerque called Nothing Forevr that play music very similar to Rustie at bi monthly dance parties so I was slowly being subconsciously brainwashed to like his music I think. By the third time I listened to this album I was starting to realize how similar it was to Shrimp Night and how much Rustie influences DJ’s like BK Beats. It was pretty eye opening and made me appreciate what he was doing a lot more. Now, I realized that there is some types of electronic music that is not only tolerable but enjoyable and Rustie is at the forefront of that genre. I can’t really define it, but chill trap is the way I like to think of it.


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