4. Young Thug – The Barter 6


My friend Phoenix put it simply yet perfectly, “This was the year of Young Thug and Rick and Morty.” Both came out of nowhere and were the obsession for my entire friend group and the Internet in general. Bizarre, honest and amazingly relevant, both represent everything about 2015 better than any other pop culture happening. I don’t think I could have guessed in my wildest dreams that Young Thug would be my most listened to artist in 2015. Initially he didn’t grab my attention the way he did my friends. I honestly thought that Rae Sremmurd was better for a good part of the year. I can’t even place my finger on when my opinion changed but slowly but surely, I turned to Young Thug when I needed something to listen to while doing homework. I turned to Young Thug when I needed to turn up. Frankly, I turned to Young Thug in just about every situation I found my self in this year. Maybe the accessibility and flexibility of his music is what makes Young Thug so amazing. Maybe it’s his confident swag to wear dresses, his bad habit of talking like a misogynistic bastard or even his ability to write his songs with pictures instead of words. He is just the most interesting thing to happen to rap in years and every single bit about his persona adds more and more layers to who and what he is; a social phenomenon. He may be the most important person to happen to 2015. People have analyzed the way he uses his vocal adlibs and says his lyrics and people have fallen in love with his amazing consistency but I think all of that is equally important. Picking just one part of Young Thug to talk about takes away from what he is. In a word he is complicated but using just that word seems foolish. He is single handily changing what society expects from rap stars and as each song he touches gets released and more and more people jump on his bandwagon, ignoring Young Thug in 2016 will be literally impossible.


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