39. Nai Harvest – Hairball


I really am a biased, nostalgic listener. I feel like half of the albums on this years list really made it because I loved the previous record the band put out and just felt a kind of an obligation to listen and love anything they put out after. Nai Harvest may be my most guilty example from this year. I absolutely loved Whatever, an album I discovered last year and pretended it had been released last year just so I could write about it (it did have an American release in 2014). Their follow up was a little less emo, a little less punk but no less enjoyable. At least for me. It had a more lo fi/ alt rock feel but there were glimpses of their past too. It really didn’t matter though; I was too attached to their previous record for me to care. It’s an interesting concept when it comes to listening to bands because at least for me, a lot of what I choose to listen to is based off of what I know before I even plug in my headphones. Maybe for 2016 I will try and focus less on my bias and more on just the general talent bands have.


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