38. Neon Indian – VEGA Intl. Night School


Never having listened to much of Neon Indian in the past, I was pleasantly surprised with how funky his newest was. The first time I decided to listen I was barely paying attention while at work but after the first tracks fantastic back beat caught my attention I focused in a little more and realized I had found one of the better dance albums of the year. I forgot about it though and for a while I had a lot of albums on my list by artists I didn’t really know but kind of liked. Then I re listened about a month ago and remembered how truly danceable it was. I really don’t have too much more to say about it though, it was dancey, funky and fun to listen to and every time I returned to it I felt like this was something I could listen to again and again. That was my biggest criteria to make the list and I tried to stick by it when it came down two albums I was unsure of how to differentiate. I decided this year that there will always be plenty of music I will never get to that is amazing so I might as well make sure the music I do listen to is something worth listening to again and again.


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