37. Beirut – No No No


“Nantes” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Now I know I say that probably once a week when I hear a new song but “Nantes” is powerfully associated with the time in my life when I was contemplating quitting baseball, my favorite sport of all time. It was an emotional, draining time and for whatever reason “Nantes” is the song that I attached to. So as is the common theme of this list, my nostalgic bias had a little to do with my initial listening and enjoyment of the album. At least with this album though I understood that and re-listened and re-listened and I realized that bias or not, Beirut does a good job of creating a baroque pop kind of music that is simply fun to listen to. It’s catchy, kind of unique and Zach Condon has one of my favorite drawls of all time. Oh and they are from Santa Fe. It all helped to create a place in my heart for the band and this album. “No No No” is kind of a simple song yet it never ceases to get me singing the instant I hear the steady snare beat. Sometimes albums end up being just good enough to make me listen to them a couple times to the point that they end up sticking with me forever.


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