36. Tame Impala – Currents


I feel like on controversial issues, issues that really have a “right” and a “wrong” it’s hard to be neutral. Whether its political or not, issues usually are broken down into black and white. With the band Tame Impala, there are the fans that love the band unconditionally from Pitchfork to the fans that have needed a recreation of John Lennon since the day he died and then there are the people that think they sound too much like a copy of the Beatles to even be considered relevant. I feel like I am one of the few people who do not fall into either camp. I enjoy their music and I enjoy listening to them but I am not falling head over heels to crown them the next kings of music. Psych rock has been around almost 50 years now and every slight alteration bands make is good and some are better than others but in the end it is all just variations of the same thing. It brings up an interesting debate in itself, should music always be pushing boundaries, either sonically or musically and never revisit the past? Should artists always be trying something new? I feel like I am half way on this again, enjoying new sounding music immensely, but also realizing it had to come from somewhere. In the end, Tame Impala makes some very catchy music and some very good tunes and liked listening to it, regardless if it was a John Lennon recreation or not.


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