34. Holly Herndon – Platform


Every year I try and stretch my listening as much as I can, listening to a few things a bit outside of my norm. I used to do this just so I could say I listened to every single release that people liked. I now realize that to do that can kind of be a waste of time because there truly is music I can’t get into. Some of the more poppier stuff or some of the dronier stuff frankly does not do it for me. Holly Herndon though makes the kind of music worth stretching one’s mind for. Her experimentation with vocal production and electronic construction is phenomenal and I don’t think I came across something more interesting to listen to this year. At times it was bizarre and at times it was strange but above all I felt it stretched the musical barriers that society has built in all the right directions. I truly was transfixed every time I listened to Platform and even though it was not something I normally spent time listening to, when I did I found something new to appreciate every time. Then I heard “Lonely At the Top” and seeing as it is the weirdest part of the album I expected myself to be scared away instantly but with an almost sick fascination I would look forward to the sultry voice echoing over the track every time I would listen to the album. It was the cherry on top for an album outside of my comfort zone that still made me stop and re listen numerous times.


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