33. Liturgy – The Ark Work


Being compared to Animal Collective as a metal band has to be one of the most outlandish comparisons I have ever heard. Animal Collective is poppy and electronic and hypnotizing and nothing like what stereotypical metal is thought of. Yet after one listen of The Ark Work I couldn’t think of a more appropriate comparison. There were still the metal influences very apparent everywhere on the album but there was also plenty of experimental sounds that I have never really associated with metal music before. Liturgy has always danced on the fringes of metal and this album is no different. For whatever reason it was not as well received as their previous release and for as many times as I listened to this, I could not figure out why that was. I feel like one of the age-old critiques of bands are their lack of growth but maybe Liturgy grew too much for some with this album. Another aspect that might have effected public reception though was the band’s use of sound that was difficult to comprehend if good speakers or headphones were not being used. I know in my own personal experience I needed my expensive headphones to really appreciate what was going on. In the end though, this genre pushing album may just take some time before people appreciate it for what it means.


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