32. Bill Ryder-Jones – West Kirby Primary

RK Studio

Melancholy music is hard to pull off sometimes. It can feel cheesy or insincere but the first second of West Kirby County Primary hit very hard for me. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Ryder- Jones is the lead singer of the Coral, one of my favorite middle school bands, but I think it also came from the fact that he has matured in a way that has given his music a quiet, heavy weight. In its own soft, melodic way, Bill Ryder captured the emotion that the Velvet Underground was always so good at encompassing yet offered his own flare to his soft, acoustic guitar rock. He desperately whispers his lyrics and I cannot help but listen with intense interest for whatever he has to say next. Sometimes though, I think there really is no way to explain how music can make someone feel. I know in my own experience if I am in the right mood or the right chain of events have happened recently, it really doesn’t matter what I listen to it will probably have a lasting effect on me. I still am not sure what made this album stick with me so well but it has.


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