31. Future – Dirty Sprite II


I will be honest, I am not sure if I ever finished this album all the way through in one sitting. I feel like every year I have an album that falls under this category ( ie Tyler the Creators album, Wolf). No matter, what Future and Dirty Sprite II did for music and for my own listening was tremendous. Between Young Thug and Future, the new tactic of rapping with unpronounceable lyrics and trap infused beats has taken the genre of rap by storm. Initially I did not love Future nor did I really appreciate what he was doing. “Fuck up Some Commas” was a banger, but I felt that the rest of the album sounded all the same, to the point that it wasn’t worth listening to. I actually had an epiphany though, while pregaming for a Young Thug show. The people I was with kept playing really catchy trap rap that I could not understand any lyrics but the chorus but the more they played, the more I enjoyed it. When I finally asked who it was and was told it was Future I was taken a back and the next chance I got I relistened to Dirty Sprite II. The amount of songs I had begun to be able to recognize astounded me and I finally started to take a hard look at the music he was making. His beats were catchy, his rhymes unique and above all, even though sometimes I still feel his music can be a bit repetitive, I finally appreciate what Future is doing for rap.


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