30. Elvis Depressedly -New Alherma


If I ranked my favorite band names of the year, Elvis Depressedly would win, hands down, no questions asked, no contest whatsoever. It’s just the absolute perfect name for an emo band and when I heard about them and in fact heard that I missed seeing them in Portland by a couple days I immediately looked them up on bandcamp. Initially I was a little bummed they were not more up beat with some screaming but after a couple listens, the mellow, fairly sad emo music started to really click with me. Normally I flock to emo music that is harsh and emotionally aggressive, but what New Alherma made me realize is that there is other ways to make emotional music of the less forceful kind. I had a new found appreciation for a different style of emo music thanks to Elvis Depressedly and a new favorite band name to boot. I placed the album this high on my list in the hopes that it will influence me for years to come. With any luck, due to this album I will now broaden my search of emo music seeing as it is my favorite genre of all time.


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