3. Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tradegy


I always will have a rock album of the year. Sometimes they don’t make it as high as The Most Lamentable Tragedy but I will never forget my musical roots. I was raised on rock n roll and this year Titus Andronicus did the best job at keeping elements of an old genre and modifying them for today. Granted this album leans more toward the punk world than anything else but there are a few quiet rock influences that allow it to be my one nod to my old listening habits. Asides from that, this album was simply just an awesome, epic album. Not once did it slow down and from the very get go it seemed like a race to the finish. It is loud, long and rough but I couldn’t have asked for something more Titus Andronicus. If I have one goal in 2016 it is to see Titus Andronicus live so I can finally scream along to their insanely catchy choruses for the first time in my life. I am loyal to this kind of music and I am loyal to my favorite bands so when Titus Andronicus released a punk opera, I knew just reading that description I would love it. There are albums I loved more this year but this album is more me than anything else and I give it the nod at number 3 simply because of that.


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