29. DJ Koze – DJ Kicks


I never thought that I would love a DJ album as much as this but the cool and collected feeling that DJ Koze is able to create really captured my attention again and again each time I found myself going to listen to it. I think “It Hasn’t Happened Yet” was what got me hooked though. It took me almost two full listening’s to realize that it was William Shatner speaking so hauntingly and once I figured that out I couldn’t think of something more awesome to happen in music this year (maybe…). Regardless, the whole album flowed beautifully and really got me excited in a DJ album for maybe the first time in my life. I will be honest, I am not too sure how DJ Kicks work and if this album can actually be credited entirely to DJ Koze or if this is just a compilation he was responsible for putting together but either way, whenever I listened to this album I found myself enjoying it more and more until I realized there was no way it wouldn’t make the upper third of my list.


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