28. Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss


In this day and age trying to pigeon hole artists into genres can be frustrating for both the listener and artist alike so I try my hardest to think of that when I go to describe how an album sounds. With Abyss in particular I have found myself straying more towards emotions and feelings to describe what is going on sonically rather than trying to find the right combination of genres to place it in. First off, it has a very muddy, heavy sound that is juxtaposed perfectly with Chelsea Wolfe’s high falsetto. The distortion used is turned past maximum volume and really lays the perfect background to the whole album. At other times though there is such delicate sounding music that it feels like there are multiple artists on multiple albums being mixed together. This aspect of the album shows just how versatile Wolfe is and is what really drew me to the album as easily as it did. I enjoy the aggressiveness of metal yet sometimes a nice melodic, flowing vocal run can be just as enjoyable and when both are mixed together like Wolfe has done here, I feel like I am benefiting from everything in music I like and due to this Abyss stuck with me.


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