27. Cloud Nothings and Wavves – Self Titled


This may be one of the most genius pairings of bands of recent memory. Both Cloud Nothings and Wavves spend a good deal of time making aggressively charged music with their own unique flares and to see them mix their talents together was awesome. I think I listened to this album eight or nine times this year and three or four times immediately after its release. It is not necessarily as catchy as either of the group’s own work nor is it frankly as good. What it is though is bold. I cannot think of many bands that would team up together to make a whole album and risk sacrificing their own sound in order to compromise with another band. The music certainly felt a tad awkward at times but it also felt truly pure. What I heard when I listened to this album was two bands that loved making punk music and loved collaborating with other like minded musicians. So I listened and listened and listened to it again and again trying to get as much as I could out of a rare piece of musical history.


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