26. A$AP Rocky -At.Long.Last.A$AP


What a come back for A$AP Rocky this has been. Many would argue that he never really fell off that he only got bigger with Long. Live. ASAP but in my personal opinion he took a step back from his debut. The beats were not as tight as his debut nor were there as catchy of songs besides the singles. All of that changed with At.Long.Last.A$AP though and his songs and the over all production of the album felt a lot different than any of his earlier stuff but in a much more forward thinking way. Maybe it was because Kanye West was featured along with MIA and Future or maybe it was because A$AP Rocky allowed a busker from New York to have a heavy influence in the album or maybe even because the album was dedicated to A$AP Yams but regardless the album was just much more well rounded. There were catchier songs, more complicated songs and frankly some more emotional songs than any of his previous work. Maybe I was just ready to listen to some A$AP Rocky again as well but either way, the album came out of no where and thoroughly impressed me.


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