25. Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color


I try as hard as I can to not hold any bias or predetermined judgment for a band but for whatever reason, Alabama Shakes’ first album didn’t impress me. I couldn’t get over the name or the what seemed to be over blown hype for a band basically just regurgitating a type of music I thought had been over done. Their mixture of blues, rock and alt influences was undeniably good, but just a little over done. Or at least that’s what I assumed. In the end I didn’t even bother trying the first album, which was clearly a mistake because once I gave in and tried their release from this year I was instantly hooked. Maybe there is a bit of a unique sound and maybe I just was suffering some serious karma for assuming on their previous album but the pure energy and emotion that existed on Sound & Color was exactly what I needed to over look and ignore any false hype I may have placed on the band. I like to thank the Needledrop for opening my eyes as well, just as he did with Melophobia by Cage the Elephant, he directed me to a main stream band that still had quite a lot to offer to my snobby self.


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