22. San Fermin – Jackrabbit


Baroque pop is something I had never heard of until I accidentally came across San Fermin on a NPR First Listen this spring. Frankly I didn’t even know there was a term for the kind of music I was listening to, I really just enjoyed the heck out of it. There was everything from baritone sax to rock n roll to bouncy pop and I just figured this was an indefinable genre. Every track brought something new to the album and sometimes it would feel like about seven different artists wrapped into one. Having variety on an album of this magnitude is hard to do and hard to keep track of but Jackrabbit never felt rushed or sporadic. It just felt enormous. I love discovering new music, music that I have never had a chance to make a pre determined judgment on. Not only had I never heard of San Fermin before but I had never really heard music like this either. I think a lot of my instantaneous love came from the fact it was so new to me yet as the year went on it only got better in my opinion. I think I can easily say San Fermin was one of my more enjoyable discoveries from this year.


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