21. Joanna Gruesome – Peanut Butter


I didn’t know a whole lot about this band before but what I did know I loved. Making a word play off of Joanna Newsom’s name could not be funnier to me and then when I found out they were a punk band my interest skyrocketed even more. Then I finally got to listen to it a week early on NPR First Listen and was instantly head over heels for them. A perfect combination of fast punk and emo like vocals, I couldn’t stay away. I may be a few years removed from my emo obsession but I will always have a soft spot fro the genre and a band that an impress me so quickly. The more I listened the more I wanted to see them live but just as the album started to gain attention, their lead singer had to leave the band for medical reasons. So this album is a snap shot in time of the band, probably never going to be the exact same again. I think that rareness of the album attracted itself to me just as much as the band name and Joanna Gruesome will always be something I can turn to if I ever need to head bang viciously.


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