20. Deafheaven – New Bermuda


Maybe the most hyped black metal band to come out of the 2000’s, Deafheaven has found themselves a niche in the music community by acting as the token metal band everyone can love. They employ just enough screaming and double bass drum to come off as a metal band yet there is enough melodic guitar and pop influences that non metal lovers can find something to grasp onto during the really loud parts. The band has always impressed me but their sudden thrust into pop culture had me a tad wary. All of that was forgotten once I saw them live. I had heard stories of how great they were live but they had all been under played. The band was tight, energetic and best of all clearly in love with their music. There was no hype on that stage, nor was there any thought of what anyone in the crowd was thinking. They were just playing black metal the only way they knew how and it was breathtaking to watch and listen to. Listening to them on record suddenly had a new meaning to me and my small bias evaporated instantly.


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