2. Jamie xx – In Colour


“I know there’s gonna be good times” was my favorite line from my favorite song off my second favorite album of the year. I have found something socially altering in a lot of my other top albums but honestly Jamie xx doesn’t do a whole lot on that front. What he does and did with In Colour was create a catchy, danceable, easy to listen to album that was wrapped around the best song of the year. A lot of my initial love came from the fact that “I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times” was the lead single off the album and that Young Thug himself was featured. So I listened to the album a couple times to just hear that song in context and the more I listened the more perfect the album became in my eyes. I think that’s the best way to describe it. Its not the best, nor the most hyped or the most socially aware, but the way the mix of the album is done and the way each drop happens is nothing short of perfect. This is how DJing should be always. Frankly any other DJ is ruined for me after hearing how effortlessly Jamie xx mixes this album or even mixes his live sets of which I was blessed enough to see this summer. There are so many albums this year that mean more but no album is as picture perfectly succinct. No album works so well from start to finish or fits together like a 1000 piece puzzle. It made me appreciate the true skill being a DJ can be if done right and no album got me going like this in such a mathematical way.


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