18. Daniel Bachman – The River


Without this album I doubt my 23 page paper on the Olympics would ever have gotten even half way done. Each year I seem to grasp onto an album that soothes me into a state of mind that makes working easier. Last year was Steve Gunn’s Way Out Weather and this year it was Daniel Bachman’s River. There is just something about melodic, folk guitar that hypnotizes me beyond belief and just get into “the zone.” The magnificent skill it takes to play guitar like that is part of it, but I think the fact that it incorporates a decent part of drone music is the secret ingredient to taking over my mind. Other than that, it really is just the easiest music to listen to. There is just a peaceful mindset require to delve into it and by entering that mind state I not only was able to appreciate everything about the album, I also was able to channel my inner working self and get a lot of things done every time I put on this album.


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