15. Quarterbacks – Self Titled


For a while I thought this was my album of the year. So similar to Joyce Manor are the Quarterbacks, I felt like I had no choice but to love them as un-conditionally as I do Joyce Manor. After a couple listens though I realized there were enough differences that did a good job of separating them yet not taking away from anything Quarterbacks are doing. Both band’s songs are short and both band’s songs fly by at a break neck pace. The style of their songs is where they start to diverge. Quarterbacks are a bit more pop punky rather than pure punk and I think it lends a more vigorous energy to their music. Just like I do with a Joyce Manor record, I was able to listen to this on repeat simply because it was so short. This came out so early in the year I had a feeling it wouldn’t last as my top album or even my top 15, but lo and behold, every couple of months that I would check back on it, I still was excited to listen to short, pop punk songs. It’s like my kryptonite and in the end I realized there was no chance I would be able to resist placing this album this high. I will always love the Joyce Manor strategy of making songs.


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