14. Shamir – Ratchet

Shamir Bailey

I had never seen a new artist who hadn’t released a single song before get the kind of hype Shamir did. Pitchfork was obsessed with what seemed like just his potential rather than the fact he hadn’t released any music yet. So I approached Ratchet with nothing short of apprehension. On my first listen I was pleased with what I heard but still confused on the hype. It was dancey, funky, poppy, but really nothing too out of the ordinary. So I dove in my second listen and started to understand a little of what Pitchfork was getting at when they started their hype. Shamir has an attitude that seeps into his music that gives it an added flare and pizazz that is hard to describe but easy to love after only a couple listens. Its part youthful, part swag and a lot of just simple talent all rolled into one. Seeing him at Pitchfork really solidified his place in my mind as he shyly got the entire crowd bouncing up and down, dancing to his music like he was Drake. There’s just something about him and his personality that will lead him far.


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