13. Lil B and Chance the Rapper – Based Free Styles


It took a whole mixtape with Lil B before I finally realized that Chance the Rapper is damn near as based as the Based God Himself. Chance has never released any music for sale nor has he ever remotely tried to profit off his music the way other global music icons have like Taylor Swift or Jay- Z have. He is extremely positive and does everything for his fans with their best interests at heart. All are qualities that are based in nature but that I had never associated as based because Chance never really repped being based too much. Having never released music for sale yet commanding a headlining spot at Pitchfork Music Festival is quite impressive and leads me to believe his future is nothing but bright. So when I saw that he was making a mixtape, a based freestyle album no less, I was unbelievably excited. I loved his early work and I loved Surf and Lil B will forever be one of my idols so the combination of the two had no chance of being short of spectacular. And I wasn’t wrong. The beats they chose were amazing, their rhymes were slick yet clearly off the top of their heads and the whole energy of the project was so refreshing I listened to it non stop for a whole day at work when it came out. With not a single Lil B release this year, I had to make do with this short mixtape but boy did it do the job.


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