12. Drake – If Your Reading This Its Too Late


Frankly, this album should be a lot higher on my list if only because its anthem like qualities took over my life early spring semester. Drake had done it again. He had dropped a mixtape, for free, with no warning and completely transfixed the music community for the next month. It was everywhere I went, it was in every one of my friends cars, it was playing on the radio, it was playing at bars, it was literally playing everywhere. And it was oh so good. It was impossible to escape and impossible to overlook. Drake had entered his meme status but didn’t solidify it until “Hot Line Bling” dropped, but this album was the precursor. His infiltration of pop culture is finally complete though and I will never deny my love for him or his unbelievably catchy music. I have heard Drake be compared to Elvis and you know what, I couldn’t agree more. It is impossible to find someone who dislikes him for a valid reason. He has simply taken over music. So really, this could be the most universally loved album of the year.


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