11. Grimes – Art Angels


I have never honestly given Grimes much of a chance until this year. I think I was just being stubborn and foolish but I never did listen to her critically acclaimed album of a couple years ago. The artwork of this album alone though made me reconsider all foolish biases I had and I gave it a try. Instantly it caught my attention with how easy the songs got stuck in my head. It really was unlike anything I usually spend time listening to. Ultra poppy, almost sappy, it reminded me of cotton candy. So naturally I returned again and again because it really was just too sweet to ignore. Around the third listen I realized it had taken a hold of me and I was dancing and singing along no matter the situation I was in when it came on. This was the funnest album of the year, my guilty pleasure album. Except I feel no guilt loving this album, in fact I have tried to spread my love as far as it would go. I was just so happy to find an album that really was just a step outside of my comfort zone that I had never attempted to try. Grimes lived up to all the hype around her and this album was one of my favorite finds of the year, even though there really is nothing edgy about liking her at all anymore.


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