10. Royal Headache – High


Motown funk was the quick description on the NPR first listen for this album and I can’t say I had ever come across quite as specific and intriguing one liner on NPR in my time checking the first listens. It did not disappoint and in fact I don’t think I fell in love with an album as fast as I did with High. I honestly can’t say it is that much different than a lot of things I love to listen to nor can I say it is unbelievably unique or musically empowering yet I fell in love. Towards the end of writing about 50 albums I feel like I just repeat myself with the same few adjectives and I think, why did I not write about my favorite albums first so at least my descriptions went to albums I truly loved. I just don’t think I would have ever found the write words to perfectly describe why this album stuck with me the way it did. For whatever reason it just did and now I can’t get rid of it. Its my 10th favorite album of the year simply because I can change my mood with the first 30 seconds of this album because I enjoy every second of it and because I love to sing along as loud as I can. I know this probably is how I feel about most albums I love but I don’t think all those feelings came to me as quick as they did for this album. Now all I need to do is see Royal Headache live and I think my love will be complete.


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