9. The Roots- …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin


The Roots- …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin

I love the Roots and everything they seem to produce just does it for me. From How I Got Over to Undun to this album, Black Thought, ?uestlove and the rest of the crew have kept creating albums worth listening to again and again. The stories they tell and the way they do it are pretty unique in the rap game and the idea of a live band has always been something of an exquisite idea in the genre of rap for me. This album really continued where Undun left off, even if the theme of the album was not as strong as the previous album. The beats were organic and interesting, the rapping of Black Thought is intense and interesting and above all, the choruses really did it for me this year. “Understand” and “Black Rock” both had some of my favorite lyrics of the year, with “When people ask for God, till the day he come, see God face, turn around and run, God see the face of a man, shakes his and says he never understand” and “What’s for breakfast, oh that’s right same thing as yesterday, cheeseburger and a 40 ounce.” For whatever reason both lyrics stuck with me and made me appreciate the rest of the album even more. The Roots are excellent at what they do and they did it up again this year.


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