8. Flying Lotus- You’re Dead



Flying Lotus- You’re Dead

Flying Lotus is sick. I think that is one of the most universal notions in music that I would be willing to bet would be hard to find anyone that would dispute that. You’re Dead really could be considered the best album in jazz, hip-hop, funk, electronic or any mixture of those genres and there would be little to argue about. Steven Ellison is just an innovator. He pushes boundaries, has a good time while he does it and even has started collaborating with some of music’s other geniuses on this album like Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat. I was able to connect with this album immediately just because I love “Never Catch Me” so much. Hearing Flylo beats with lyrics on top of them was a first and it immediately made me realize how awesome both him and Kendrick are to come together and make something like that song. The rest of the album just went from there. It is just one non stop roller coaster ride of energy incorporating jazz and electronic music in ways that have never been done before. This was the most accessible Flylo album ever in my opinion yet it also could be called his most innovative.


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